Latest, Industry 4.0 Technology For Entry-Level Automation Systems

Messung is one of India’s leading Industrial Automation Companies offering cutting-edge, custom-built solutions for Factory Automation, Process Automation and Special Purpose Machine Automation. Counted among the top 10 PLC manufacturers, Messung offers a range of world-class Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Remote I/O Modules, Servo & Motion Control solutions and Human Machine Interface (HMI) for a gamut of applications across diverse industries.

Messung also offers a wide range of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and Servo/Motion products from Fuji Electric for simple to complex industrial applications.


NX-ERA Programmable Controllers Series is an advanced automation system capable and suitable for complex industrial processes, high performance machines and production lines.

NX-ERA Series presents resources for all stages of your application life cycle with its Integrated Distributed Control Systems (DCS) features, programming and configuration environment which is based on IEC 61131-3 standard, speeding up development and reducing engineering and commissioning costs.

NX-ERA system architecture offers redundancy features for CPU Power Supply, Supervision, Control Networks and Field Buses.

The NX-ERA Series also offers advanced diagnostics and hot swapping, minimizing or eliminating downtime for maintenance and ensuring a continuous production process.


NX-ERA Xpress is Messung’s small wonder – compact in size yet huge in performance.

NX-ERA Xpress is a powerful compact Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), a part of the NX-ERA family of controllers and I/O modules. NX-ERA Xpress delivers high-speed processing power in a compact design with embedded I/O.

NX-ERA Xpress Highlights

  • Superior features and competitive pricing
  • Smart Engineering – easy to use software, online changes and offline simulation
  • Remote I/O connectivity on CANopen, Modbus RTU, Ethernet IP protocols
  • High density I/Os (up to 43 in a single unit)
  • Industry 4.0 enabled with OPCUA and MQTT protocol
  • Quick and multiprotocol communication

There are several options to choose from, allowing the best solution for entry-level applications.

This product portfolio targets small control systems, offering models containing from a few digital inputs and outputs up to options with 43 I/O points concentrated in a single controller, including analog inputs and outputs with temperature support (RTD sensors). In case of additional I/O needs, the system can be easily expanded through CANopen using the Remote I/O Mode. This mode transforms the product into a non-programmable slave I/O device, which can then be connected to a XP3xx controller with CANopen Manager protocol. It can also be expanded using other available ports like Ethernet and RS-485.

Remote I/O Highlights

  • Readily usable with Xpress PLC
  • Available with CANopen and Modbus RTU interface
  • Range of models for DI/DO and AI/AO

NX-ERA Xpress Applications

NX-ERA Xpress is suitable for small applications and remote distributed I/O. Messung has successfully applied it to:

  • Bandsaw
  • Dust analyser
  • Continuous furnace
  • Pressure testing
  • Hydraulic press
  • Robotic cell
  • Boiler automation
  • Battery management system
  • Salt spray chamber
  • AHU application
  • Milling machine
  • Flat dipping machine
  • Trunnion fixer machine

Additionally, it is an ideal solution for complementing big applications along with NX-ERA Series portfolio, extending the range of applications using the same technology and engineering environment. This is a great advantage for OEMs and systems integrators with needs of small to large applications.


As a pioneer in PLCs for industrial automation & control, Messung continuously innovates and develops progressive products and solutions that serve Indian industry with high performance technology at a cost-efficient price.

Their current NX-ERA Series is a case in point. NX-ERA Premium and NX-ERA Xpress offer comprehensive capabilities for creating high-end process automation & control solutions in India to help process industries meet their quality and productivity challenges. They also optimise servo & motion control automation and general purpose automation applications with equal efficacy.

Messung’s innovations are:

Flexible: from medium to large systems, redundant or distributed

Reliable: high reliability for safety instrumented systems

Smart: accurate diagnostics and compact design

Efficient: superior performance and easy to use

Compatible: with web services such as SNTP & SNMP; user visualisation web pages; web page server for supervision & diagnostics; IoT functionalities

Messung partners throughout the complete life cycle of your plant, and customises industrial automation & control solutions that meet the highest technical demands for speed, quality, operational reliability, system availability and more.

If you’re searching for a PLC automation partner for your industry, consider Messung – PLC automation company with four decades of experience and proven expertise to their name.