Enabling The Textile Industry To Meet Global Challenges: Messung

Automation has benefitted many industries, and the textile industry is no exception. From streamlining processes and accelerating quality control checks to reducing overall production costs – automation helps textile companies stay competitive in an ever-challenging marketplace.

Practically every process in textile manufacture – cotton picking, ginning, carding, spinning, weaving, processing and garment making have been automated over the last two decades. Messung has been partnering with the Indian textile industry for years now, offering customised solutions for machines and processes. A leading PLC manufacturer, Messung empowers enterprises with excellence through its three broad businesses:

  • Automation & Controls
  • Electrical Engineering and
  • Workplace Technology

Messung offers an extensive portfolio of world-class products and integrated system solutions for the gamut of requirements in any textile industry. From industrial automation and HVAC systems to energy management and workplace systems, Messung provides cost-effective solutions and services guaranteed to boost productivity with speed, quality and sustainability.


Customised for different requirements of the industry and the process, Messung offers solutions in the crucial areas of:

  • Automation in Manufacturing
  • Energy Management
  • Climate Control



Across the many sectors of the processes, like ginning, blow room carding, combing, draw frame,spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing and so on, textile manufacturers rely on industrial automation and controls to achieve:

  • higher speeds and precision controls
  • better quality
  • high levels of data collection, analysis and reporting for faster decision-making, better utilisation of machinery
  • reduced downtime and idle times
  • lower power consumption

Messung’s solution

For textile machinery, Messung offers advanced PLCs and control systems incorporating motion control systems, VFDs, servo drive products, HMIs and more.

Through Yarn production, fabric production, pre-treatment, dyeing and printing, finishing treatments and garment production – Messung offers automation solutions for every stage of the process.

Messung has joined hands with two of the world’s leading brands for Servo & Motion Controls technology: Fuji Electric, Japan and Sigmatek, Austria.

Whether Weaving, Knitting, Embroidery or Finishing – Messung guarantees textile machine manufacturers a technological advantage in the market. Messung’s system toolkit consists of high-performance single or multi-CPU solutions, fast and super compact I/Os including Safety.

In high-speed Textile machines, there is need for several Servo position and control loops, especially in maintaining a high level of uptime, and for ensuring uniform and high quality of Yarn output. Messung’s high end CPUs provide all the necessary interfaces including Servo motion modules and PID loop controls to achieve the desired results.



The textile industry, especially yarn production, is an extremely price-sensitive, competitive market. Electricity cost accounts for around 15-20% of the production cost.

About 34% of energy is consumed in spinning, 23% in weaving, 38% in chemical processing and another 5% for miscellaneous purposes. Energy is also largely consumed in heating of water and drying of water.

Utilisation of modern machines and continuous usage of the machines in inefficient operating parameters drive up costs (and wastage!) even further. Given the global energy crisis and the stiff competition in the marketplace, improving energy-efficiency should be a primary concern for textile plants. The textile sector must perforce adopt energy management systems for energy optimisation and conservation.

The industry needs to tackle cable loss and power factor which cause energy wastage, and implement energy management systems in areas of high energy usage, such as

  • Blowrooms
  • Ring framess
  • Humidification plant
  • Air Compressors

Messung’s solution

Messung is the India Distributor for JanitzaGmbh, and offers Janitza’scomprehensive range of power quality analysers and digital energy meters for energy management, power quality monitoring and residual current monitoring in a single system environment.

Using Janitza’s advanced products, Messung develops customised energy management systems as per IEC 61000-4-30, EN 50160 and IEC 61000-2-4 standards to enable power conservation and improve quality of power. Messung’s energy management systems leverage the power of IOT toensure remote control and real-time data analyses for prompt, informed decision making.

Messung also designs advanced power distribution & control panels as per IEC 61439 standards. As the Master Distributor for Wöhner Busbar systems, Messung builds customised, cost-effective control panels incorporating Busbar products from Wöhner, their own PLCs, international grade HMIs, energy meters and cloud interfaces. High-end design software enables good quality documentation for easy and accurate maintenance and servicing.



Climate control is an important aspect of textile manufacturing. Some machines generate a lot of heat. Air humidity levels affect the properties of the yarn and its workability.

Textile industries require automated HVAC systems to:

  • Ensure a proper level of relative humidity for efficient operations
  • Reduce the amount of dust in the air
  • Remove static build-up which makes processing difficult and may even damage the equipment.
  • Avoid frequent Yarn breakage

Messung’s solution

Messung customises turnkey solutions to meet exact specifications and provide an HVAC system that maintains the appropriate Air Quality, AirHumidity and temperature values, and functions with optimal Energy- and cost-efficiency.

To monitor the HVAC of processing plants, packaging units and warehouses, Messung offers world-class building management systems (BMS) to ensure that the environment maintains its pre-set conditions and conserves energy.

Messung also delivers system integration expertise to connect HVAC and other systems for maximum functionality and operational efficiency.


Automated processes and machines in the Textile industry has led to an exponential increase in speed, quality and productivity.

Whether it is a “Singeing” machine or automatic shuttle-less loom, a spinning line or wet processing unit – Messung has the PLCs, PID controllers & other PLC controllers to keep operations smooth, competitive and sustainable.

Contact Messung with your textile industry requirements today.