Messung and Its ‘Make In India’ Journey

Today, ‘Make in India’ is quite the buzzword. Initiatives like Make in India, Digital India and Startup India have given the much-needed thrust to the Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) sector in India. Complemented by government schemes such as Modified Special Incentive Scheme (M-SIPS), Electronics Manufacturing Clusters, Electronics Development Fund and National Policy on Electronics 2019 (NPE 2019),India has shown remarkable progress in this sector.

Messung is proud that it embarked on this journey four decades ago, fired by its own passion for indigenous innovation. In fact, the company was established in 1981 when the founder, Mr. Farook Merchant quit his steady job with an electronics company, to start developing India’s first indigenous PLC. In 1983, Messung launched a 1-bit processor-based Programmable Logic Controller that revolutionised industrial automation, replacing the traditional relay contactor logic in use at the time.

Since then, it’s been one exciting journey of innovation and accolades as Messung developed one award-winning product after another. Some key innovations include:

  • The first 8-bit microprocessor-based PLC which achieved 6000 installations. Notable among them: Kalyani Steel, HAL’s MIG aircraft testing equipment and Telco’s heat treatment plant
  • The ‘small wonder’ PLC for smaller machines, which was used in 25000 installations. It won Best Product Award at IMTEX
  • HMIs – intelligent operator panels for easy access and programming of PLCs that transformed industrial operations
  • A PLC designed in modular structure for complex requirements. It went on to win the FIE Award for Best Product Design
  • India’s first PLC based on IEC 61131-3 standards; a more powerful, more compact version of the earlier modular PLC
  • PLC targeted at small scale applications in the automotive industry

Around 2012, Messung ceased operations but after a brief hiatus of 2-3 years, Messung reinvented itself with new ventures and collaborations.


Messung’s ‘Make in India’ strategy is branded under the name ‘Navonmesh’. While the organisation still holds true to its commitment to innovation in industrial automation, it now represents much more in terms of products, servicesand capabilities.Currently, under ‘Navonmesh’, Messung is aggressively pursuing the design and manufacture of a range of products for Industrial Automation and Workplace Technology.

Industrial Automation: Messung is developing futuristic IoT-based PLCs, controllers, remote I/Os, HMI and SCADA applications at its Technology Centre in Pune. The Group is also investing heavily in developing an impressive R&D and manufacturing infrastructure in Pune for their Industrial Automation division.

Workplace Technology: Messung’s Workplace Technology Division is moving ahead rather rapidly and successfully on the ‘Make in India’ path. Messung has set up a comprehensive design and manufacturing facility in Pune to produce leading edge solutions for ESD and general workplaces. The manufacturing setup is a sprawling ISO 9000 TUV certified facility equipped with state-of-the-art wood processing and aluminium processing machines.

Marketed under AFM-PLUS Series, the range of rugged and reliable ESD-safe furniture includes ESD chairs & stools in standard and high versions, besides aluminium ESD worktables, trolleys, portable test stations, storage racks and drawer cabinets with the latest volumetric ESD technology. These products provide world-class ergonomics, flexibility, and reliable ESD protection in the range of 104-108 ohms (IEC 61340-5-1 & ANSI ESD S20.20.2014).

AFM-PLUS also offers non-ESD workplace chairs, industrial worktables in aluminium and MS, and specialised storage trolleys, racks and material movement furniture for general industrial workplaces, workshops, shopfloors and offices.


Since 1981 when Messung started on its roadmap to sustained indigenous innovation, the organisation has truly come a long way. At the 40th milestone, there is much to celebrate. However, success has not bred complacency or inertia.

Messung’s focus has always been on innovating technology and delivering world-class products at cost-effective prices – with inhouse R&D, manufacturing and service. This endeavour continues, backed by significant resource allocation for building infrastructure, capabilities and reach. Messung is preparing the building blocks for even more success on its ‘Make in India’ journey.