Wöhner CrossBoard® Modular power distribution system

Copper or aluminum busbars are present in any power distribution system. While the traditional busbar systems are cost-effective and robust, they suffer from several drawbacks. These shortcomings include lack of safety due to open installation and time consuming laborious operation for making connections.</p?

Despite its downsides, the traditional busbar system did not have a viable alternative – until the launch of Wöhner CrossBoard® system of covered busbar with a family of add-on adapters.

Introduction to CrossBoard®

  • CrossBoard® is a premium-quality covered copper busbar system for 3 phase loads up to 125 Amperes.
  • A ready-to-use product, CrossBoard® busbar offers plug-and-play operation for mechanically mounting components and making incoming electrical connection – literally in a snap!

Features of Wöhner CrossBoard® system

    • The CrossBoard® module has all-round touch-safe protection to prevent user contact of busbar and connection.
    • Ready to work out-of-the-box, saves significant time and efforts for mounting and wiring.
    • Unpack> snap to DIN rail> fit the components. Also possible to mount by direct bolting to panel plate or fastening to panel surfaces with additional holders.
    • No need to drill or wire incoming feeders.
    • Reduction of downtime while replacing components.
    • Snap the components on to the CrossBoard®.
    • Mount parts to the CrossBoard® without fasteners.
    • Connect electrical incoming power to components automatically.
    • Ensure reverse polarity protection.
    • Prevent accidental detachment of an installed CrossLink® adapter with a self-closing mechanical lock.
    • Available in two convenient sizes of 405 mm or 225 mm length and a height of 160 mm.
    • Combine several CrossBoard® modules to meet the actual requirement.
Wöhner CrossBoard® Modular power distribution system
    • Universal compatibility for fitting any standard electrical component from a variety of vendors.
    • Termination grid of 4.5 mm, to match any electrical product with 4.5 mm or 9 mm pitch.
Wöhner CrossBoard® Modular power distribution system
    • WöhnerEQUES® universal adapter allows use of standard 3rd party devices like contactors, MCBs, MCCBs, safety relays on the CrossBoard® module.
    • The EQUES® uses CrossLink® technologyforfittingregular electrical switchgear from all standard manufactures to the CrossBoard® module.
      • The EQUES® universal adapter creates an open architecture for using the switchgear of your choice, while retaining the outstanding flexibility of CrossBoard® module.
      • The EQUES® universal adaptersaves time and input wiring during installation and service by allowing quick installation of new components and easy maintenance or replacement of the device.
      • Extension modules available to mount additional switchgear for motor starter application on the same EQUES® universal adapter.

Wöhner fulfils the requirements of power distribution equipment with high availability as well as high system and personal safety with the innovative CrossLink® Technology which is also used in CrossBoard®. This lets you realize systems and tailor them to different requirements in the simplest way.


  • Optimum touch-safe protection for the busbar system
    and the components
  • Direct and secure connection of components to the
    busbar system is always an option
  • Planning advantages through standardized grid system layout
  • Top portion of the device mounted can be separated &
    faulty device  can be changed outside with safety


To extend functionality for your application, Wöhneroffers stand-alone modules that quickly mount and connect on the CrossBoard®.These modules save time as well as space while allowing you to build a wide array of functional blocks.

Available with several variants to suit your requirement, thesebest-in-class modules, include:

  • CRITO® connection module
  • Available in 2 variants.
  • Feeds incoming power to the CrossBoard® module.
  • Simultaneously feeds incoming power to two CrossBoard® modules, if they are stacked longitudinally.
  • BROOME10® power supply
  • High quality 24 VDC power supply to feed low-voltage consumers inside the control panel.
  • MOTUS® hybrid motor starter
  • Available in 3 variants.
  • Hybrid design combining TRIAC and relay.
  • Integrated heat sink, inbuilt logic for motor reversing, overload protection, and emergency stop.
  • OMUS® hybrid resistive load switching device
  • Available in 2 variants.
  • Hybrid design combining TRIAC and relay.
  • Integrated heat sink,internal fuses for overload protection and logic for emergency stop.
  • QUADRON® switch fuse disconnector
  • Switch fuse disconnector unit for NH type fuses up to 125 Amperes.
  • Narrow 49.5 mm width accommodating a NH fuse size 000.
  • Connection possible at bottom or top.


  • Use ofCrossBoard® modules ensures compliance to IEC 61439 and UL 508 standards including IP20 touch-safe protection.
  • These compliancesare mandatory for any professional quality electrical installation in equipment, infrastructure, or property.


  • Smaller panel size, while increase accessibility due to reduced wiring and elimination of cable trays.

Application examples of CrossBoard® technology

  • Rotary Friction Welding Machine from ETA Technology
    • Reduction of panel size by 250 mm.
    • Improved aesthetics and increased reliability.
    • Extended touch-safe protection for panel interiors.
    • Speed-up replacement of parts to reduce machine
  • Concrete Mixing Machine from Sicoma Mixers.
    • Replacement of traditional MPCB and Contactor for starting
      motor with Motus® hybrid motor starter.
    • Mounting the Motus® starter directly on the CrossBoard®
      module, with forward and reverse controls and motor safety.
    • Reduction of size to directly mount control panel on the machine.
    • Minimize wiring and size for this panel with VFD drives,
      DOL starter, and a CrossBoard® module.
    • Elimination of additionally lugs for wiring of the main feed.
    • Connect CrossBoard® module directly with incoming
      supply, mount all switchgear on the CrossBoard®.
    • Distribute power from several sources to various types
      of load in the luxury villas.
    • Follow IEC 61439 standards for efficient distribution
      of power.
    • Mount switchgear and relays directly onCrossBoard®
      to save wiring and panel space.